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Redness & kegs

Redness of the skin is a ''condition'' in which there are local abnormalities in the skin with the (superficial) blood vessels. There are many different types and forms of redness and prominent blood vessels. An IPL treatment offers a solution for disturbing vessels and redness in the face or on the décolleté. By treating the blood vessels, the skin can look less fiery or 'heated'. We specialize in treating all types of redness and visible blood vessels on the body and face.

You can contact us with:

» Telangieactasia (one or more visible red dilated vessels)
» Spider nevus (a spider-shaped burst vessel)
» Couperose (large area with telangieactasia)
» Rosacea without inflammation ('flushing')
» Hemangiomas (cherry warts and strawberry spots)
» Stork bite
» Poikiloderma of Civatte
» Wine stains

IPL - The treatment

An IPL treatment for vessels works by the principle of 'selective photothermolysis'. The IPL or laser light is absorbed in a fraction of a second by red dye in the blood (haemaglobin) in the skin and converted into heat. This heat heats the blood vessel causing it to coagulate (clump together) without harming surrounding tissue.

The treatment

A small area can be ready in a few minutes, a treatment takes up to 45 minutes. During the IPL treatment, both you and the skin therapist wear protective glasses. If necessary, the area to be treated is marked out. During the treatment you may experience the feeling of warm pinpricks. The treatment is not painless, but anesthesia is not necessary. Then the skin is cooled. Depending on the skin reaction and weather conditions, the therapist may apply a sunscreen or restorative cream. For best results, the treatment should be repeated on average three to five times with an interval of four to six weeks.

Temporary skin reactions

Immediately after the IPL treatment, temporary skin reactions can occur such as:

  • Redness, this disappears after one to three days;

  • Slight fluid retention, which disappears after a few hours to two days.

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Skins Advice

  • Wash the skin with mild cleansing products.

  • Wait 48 hours before applying a greasy oil-based cream.

  • Avoid sunlight and tanning beds for up to six weeks after laser treatment

  • A sunscreen with SPF30 or SPF50 is recommended when going outside

  • Products with alcohol can irritate the treated skin, it is best to (temporarily) avoid these (perfume, aftershave, cleansing tonic, etc.)

  • It is not recommended to undergo a chemical peel or scrub when laser treatments are still scheduled

  • Avoid intense sports, sauna use and hot baths for up to 14 days after the treatment.

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