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Skins Facials


What are Skins Facials?

SkinsClinique has something to offer everyone. Even if you do not suffer from a skin disorder, it is very important to improve and maintain the skin condition. Skins-Facials are high level beautician treatments; For anyone who wants to care for the skin and maintain its optimal condition.


Do you have a special occasion or do you want to give someone a facial as a gift? There too, skins-facials are the perfect gift to give!

Basic Skins Facial
A facial treatment aimed at cleansing the skin. Everyone suffers from impurities from time to time. An extensive deep cleaning is performed during this facial. Treatment consists of: Cleaning, scrub, steaming, deep cleaning, mask, day care. The basic skinsfacial is for all skin types, but especially for impure skin that needs a thorough cleaning.

Skins Fitness

Connective Tissue Massage & Cupping - A connective tissue massage is a perfect way to strengthen the skin condition. It is an intensive form of massage, consisting of deep kneading or rolling massage strokes. The massage is performed on the connective tissue layer in the body. The deep massage technique deforms the fibroblasts (connective tissue cells), which encourages the skin to renew. It activates blood flow and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The metabolism is activated, which means that waste products can be removed more quickly.  The drainage is strengthened by means of silicone cups. Due to the suction cup effect, extra collagen and elastin are produced. A real workout for the skin!

The Skins-Glow is a new, skin-improving treatment in which multiple techniques are applied simultaneously in order to achieve a maximum effect. With this treatment you get a more beautiful, smooth and tighter skin and the skin texture is improved. 


The treatment consists of 2 treatments:

- CarboxyNeo device

- Mesoéclat® (Peeling + Ampoule)

The CarboxyNeo device ensures that the skin is thoroughly exfoliated and at the same time the oxygen supply to the skin is increased from within. This ensures that active ingredients can be absorbed optimally and that the skin condition is improved. By means of radio frequency radiation (RF), the skin is stimulated from the inside to regenerate collagen and elastin, which ensures that the skin becomes smoother and tighter. Then the Mesoéclat® treatment is started. This treatment consists of 2 steps: First, an acid is applied to the skin to loosen the dead skin cells. Then a highly moisturizing, glowy ampoule is massaged into the skin. This ampoule contains active ingredients with regenerating, moisturizing and antioxidant properties. The effect of this treatment has been scientifically proven. A big advantage is that therenorecovery time is on this treatment, you will immediately look radiant after the treatment!

For everyone who likes to pamper the skin! A luxurious, comprehensive treatment   to relax and improve the skin. 

During the SkinsXclusive treatment, various techniques and combinations of the above treatments are used. The treatment consists of: 

Basic Skinsfacial + Connective Tissue Massage + Face Cupping + Mesoéclat® + Casmara Alginate Mask. 

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Skins - Advice

  • After the treatment you should not shower for 12 hours.

  • Avoid exposure to heat for the first 24 hours.

  • On a special occasion it is advised to undergo a skins facial at least 3 to 6 days before. 

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