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Medical Peeling


What are medical peels?

Peelings are liquids that consist of natural acids such as lactic acid, salicylic acid and glycolic acid. They have the ability to soften dead skin cells, making them peel off faster. In this way we stimulate the skin to produce new, healthy cells. With peelings we tackle skin problems or improve the skin condition.
Each acid has unique properties in the skin. There are peels that lighten pigment spots, extinguish inflammation, inhibit sebum production and even stimulate the production of connective tissue fibres. There is a suitable peeling for every skin.

Several goals can be achieved with a peeling:

  • Lighten dark pigment

  • Flatten scars

  • smoothing skin

  • Refresh appearance

  • Improve skin condition

The skin is extra vulnerable after the treatment. This means that you must be extra careful during the first 48 hours after the treatment with sunlight, tanning bed, sauna, hot showers or baths and other influencing factors. For four weeks after the treatment, the skin should be protected outdoors with a sunscreen with a high protection factor. After the treatments, use the products recommended by our skin therapist according to the prescribed method.

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Peel Levels

Peels vary in strength: from mild peels that bring improvement and have only a short recovery period to deep peels that show very clear results, but often have a longer recovery period. With each peeling, the skin becomes stronger, so it is possible to gradually increase the intensity of the peeling.


Level 1 – Mild

These mild, yet effective peels provide a calmer skin image, less inflammation, less redness and give the skin more resistance. Ideal for use with rosacea and sensitive skins.

 Level 2 – Medium

Medium-deep peels are suitable for every skin type and can be used to treat acne, improve cell division in the epidermis, even out the complexion and reduce fine lines. These peels can also be used as a stepping stone to level 3 peels.

Level 3 – Intensive

Our intensive peels have the ability to level the skin with acne scars, skin aging and coarse pores. In addition, they brighten pigment spots and have a powerful effect on acne.


The skin may look red and feel a bit tighter immediately after the treatment. Usually this redness disappears within a few hours. With the more intensive peelings, flaking and dryness occurs 1 to 3 days after the peeling. This can last up to 7 days.

Skins Advice

  • Ensure good personal hygiene (clean the face twice a day with recommended products)

  • Avoid touching loose skins; This causes scarring and/or hyperpigmentation.

  • Pay attention when using cosmetics, it is best to purchase products without parabens, alcohol and perfume, this limits the irritation of the skin.

  • Avoid sweating, saunas or hot showers for 48 hours after treatment

  • Protect the skin after the treatment and during the entire course against the sun with an SPF 30 or 50

  • During the entire treatment process, avoid the sun (nebank) as much as possible

  • It is advised not to wear facial make-up for 24 hours after the treatment.

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