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At SkinsClinique you can go for Botox & Filler treatments. The treatments are performed by the highly experienced cosmetic doctor Dr. Jan CFM Aghina. 


Wrinkles give your face character, but are sometimes also a source of irritation. With a professional botox treatment you can achieve the following:
• Reduce crow's feet
• Reduce laugh lines
• Relaxation of the frown line
• Relaxing an unwanted facial expression (for example, sharply retracted corners of the mouth).

Botox is a brand name and consists of botulinum toxin. The active substance is injected into the muscles where wrinkles are located. Thanks to the botox treatment, muscle activity is temporarily numbed, so that wrinkles temporarily soften / disappear.

The result of a botox treatment can be seen after three to six days. The skin looks visibly relaxed and the wrinkle becomes less deep. The effect is optimal after fourteen days and you will keep this effect for four to six months.



Appointment in consultation

Is your skin losing volume and elasticity? Hyaluronic acid fillers fade wrinkles and give the skin back its volume. Fillers help restore the youthful shape of the face.

We only work with fillers that can be broken down by the body. These temporary fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a substance that also occurs in the skin and the body. The fillers bring volume to places where it is desired. With these fillers we fill up volume loss and can provide skin improvement. A filler has the property of binding moisture to itself, creating volume. The filler for skin improvement has the specific property of stimulating the fibroblasts in the skin to produce collagen and elastin that keep the skin firm and resilient. The temporary fillers must be repeated after approximately 12 months to maintain the result. Permanent fillers are prohibited in the Netherlands.

Various areas can be treated with fillers:

  • Fill lips
    The mouth is an area where many people would like to have more volume. In the medical world this is also called a lip augmentation. By injecting the lip contours, volume recovery can be achieved. Of course there are more possibilities: marionette lines, lip lines, wrinkles in the upper lip and the nose lip line can all be addressed.

  • Eyes and puffiness
    Puffiness is characterized by sagging skin around the eyes. Wrinkles can also appear on the side of the eyes. These wrinkles are also called crow's feet. The eye muscles have to work hard here to keep the skin in its fold. Other problems in this area include treating hollow eyes, sagging eyebrows or frown lines. This is usually done with a combination of botox and fillers.

  • Nose and chin
    These can easily be filled with fillers to create softer contours and a natural complexion. Loss of volume in the jaw can also be easily compensated. Filling a sunken chin with fillers is then a logical step. Especially if you suffer from a slack jawline, drooping mouth corners or a gloomy look.

  • Filling of forehead and cheeks

For more information about injectables (Botox and/or fillers) you are welcome for a consultation with our cosmetic doctor JCFM Aghina. For a price overview see price list.

Skins - Advice

  • You should not shower for 24 hours after the treatment.

  • Avoid exposure to heat for the first 24 hours.

  • It is recommended to take paracetamol 30 minutes before the treatment.

  • Anesthesia by the doctor is possible (lidocaine)

  • Emla cream (anesthetic) is possible, available on doctor's prescription.

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