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Skin analysis


Measuring is knowing

Good treatment starts with a good skin analysis. With our skin analysis device we can look into your skin within 10 minutes and do a complete analysis! 
Problems or disorders in the skin start in the deeper skin layers and only become visible over time. The deeper skin layers are analyzed by the Dermaview 4.0 and are clearly visualized. With the Dermaview 4.0 it is possible to view and record your skin under the influence of different types of light.

Based on the skin analysis, the skin therapist will tailor your treatment plan. You then know exactly which steps need to be taken to achieve the desired result.

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What does a skin scan measure?

The Dermaview 4.0 is one of the most advanced Innovative skin analysis systems on the market. With the Dermaview 4.0 , 10 different possible skin problems can be analyzed. The system allows measurement and assessment of:

  • Fine and coarse pores

  • General stains and spots

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles

  • Skin texture improvement

  • UV Porphyrin measurement

  • UV Pigmentation measurement

  • UV Moisture measurement

  • Sensitive areas in the face

  • Hyperpigmentation measurement

  • Sun damage measurement

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  • The invisible is made visible; You know on a factual basis what the problem is in the skin. 

  • Treatment plan is tailored based on the analysis.

  • Treatment result can be measured by taking a before and after photo. 

  • Skin scan can be printed and you can take it home to view.

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