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Dermamelan Intimate


The first treatment especially for the intimate zone.

Dermamelan intimate from mesoestetic® is the long-awaited professional topical solution for gynecological-aesthetic problems such as hyperpigmentation and aging around the intimate zones. Think of people who experience aging that causes hyperpigmentation and sagging or women who have just become mothers, menopausal women, hyperpigmentation that arises from many wax sessions. These problems around the intimate zone can now finally be helped.

Treatment zones:

  • Armpits

  • Intimate zone (Vagina + Groin)


  • Aging

  • Loss of elasticity after pregnancy

  • Genetic pigment formation

  • Pigment after skin damage

  • Pigment from friction (e.g. tight clothing)


How does it work?

The treatment consists of 2 parts; the first part is applied in practice. The second part is a home treatment with products. Dermamelan 1 is a mask that is applied in practice. Dermamelan 2 is a cream that you should use at home to support the treatment. Both products contain ingredients that work on the different stages of pigment. The ingredient Amalan forms the basis of the mask and has a direct effect on the subcutaneous process that forms pigment (melanin). It inhibits tyrosinase (a basic enzyme in the melanin formation process).

Before treatment can be started, an intake interview is required to diagnose the pigmentation problem. You will receive advice on how the treatment works, what to expect and how to use the products at home.

Skins - Advice

  • After the treatment you should not shower for 12 hours.

  • Avoid exposure to heat (shower, kitchen, oven) for the first 48 hours.

  • Preferably come by car, or have yourself picked up so you don't have to walk in public with the mask. 

  • Preferably wear airy clothing (skirt or wide, low pants) around the intimate area, so that the mask stays in place and there is as little friction as possible.

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